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Most Popular Comics For College Students

Are you getting tired of a bunch of classes? Well, there is one unique way that can help you to distract from them with no effort. It’s something that you can put in your backpack and use anytime. I am talking about comics or comic books that can improve your mood.

What is Comics?

First of all, let me provide an accurate definition of comics. You surely must know what to buy! Comics or comic book is an illustrated story that consists of individual scenes with texts (dialogues or description). Each comic is unique and has a lot of exciting and extraordinary characters.

List of Top Comics for College Students

Do you want to buy new comics? Well, it’s a great idea! Now, it’s about time to share a list with the most popular comics with you. Undoubtedly, you’ll find something special.
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Immortal Hulk
Immortal Hulk is one of the most popular Marvel’s comics. You surely heard about it or probably saw a movie about a huge green man. This comic is super impressive and exciting as its plot engages from the first page.
After the death in previous comics, the main character was revived. Want to know about his new life? Hurry up and read this astonishing story.
King of Nowhere
One of the newest comics, King of Nowhere, is about a teen who just wanted to enjoy his life, but unfortunately, more and more troubles happened to him. After a cruel beating, his life has completely changed, and he turned into a chimpanzee. No more spoilers for you! This story is super cautionary and thought-provoking.
There is one famous stereotype around comics. Some people think that only boys like superheroes and stories about cool guys. Today, there are a lot of outstanding comics for girls. These comics show powerful girls who also can save the world. Pay attention to great comics Mercy about a strong and brave woman.
Mercy is a gothic tale about lady Hallaine who lives in a small village. As her life is full of mystery, it brought a lot of troubles to her hometown. The story will be super interesting for people who adore detectives.
Old Man Quill
Are you a fan of Marvel’s comics? Well, I have one more idea for today. Check out a story about Peter Quill. He was a Star-Lord in the past, a legendary and influential villain.
When he left the Guardians of the Galaxy, he started his new life as an Emperor of a Starpax. Unfortunately, his try to lead by himself was failed, and his life get full of tragedies. Only the Guardians can rescue him.
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Final Words

As you saw, each comic book is unique and exciting. Sometimes a story can be so breathtaking, so you can even forget about time.
Comics are doubtlessly tremendous. However, don’t forget about the college classes. Read a comics in free out studying time!

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